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1250w RMS Subwoofer

All new for 2018/2019, we present the totally overhauled SSA Icon. This new design pays homage to the original SSA Icon while advancing forward the Icon name. Since 2006, the SSA Icon has always been an unwavering, top-end choice in the world of the high-power handling, sound quality subs. All the while, always staying very affordable with classic looks. The SSA Icon is and has always been very versatile across the range of different bass requirements. From needing a little stronger low frequency presence in a modest install, to a monster demo vehicle meant to take hours of heavy abuse. Very at home in modest size sealed boxes and flexible in low tuned ported boxes, the SSA Icon can work in almost any install need.

For the hard-core installs, the all new SSA Icon moves to an even bigger motor for greater motor strength. To keep all things cool inside, we brought back the pole vent allowing air to pass through both ends of the motor. With dual flat weaved leads, the SSA Icon can really hammer away for a long time with out showing any signs of wear.

Incorporating a shorting ring into the new model, the SSA Icon has inductance kept in check. For the sound quality side of things, we took a page from the Xcon and incorporated a shorting ring to keep inductance in check, as well as moved to a higher roll surround and adjusted suspension for a little more Xmax.

Conservatively rated at 1250 rms, the SSA Icon can really take some power if you want to have some thunderous output. But, at the same time, if you just want to add a smooth and easily blended bassline to your daily driving the SSA Icon can do it too, even in smaller sealed boxes. With dual Nomex progressive spiders and high roll surround, the SSA Icon has the suspension to really stretch its legs while keeping the moving mass under control.

If you want a class leading sound quality and vision blurring output, but do not want to make your checking account sweat, the ICON remains the educated choice for people who expect the best.

  • Features

    • Extra long, 3" wide, 4-layer copper coil
    • Shorting ring
    • FEA Optimized motor design
    • Dual flat weaved leads
    • Push terminals
    • Aluminum former
    • Dual stiff progressive Nomex spiders
    • Heavy duty pressed paper cone
    • High roll, stitched surround
    • Pole vent
  • Specifications

      12" ICON D4/D2 15" ICON D4/D2
    Fs 30.9 / 29.7 hz 29.1 / 28.4 hz
    Re 8.0 / 4.0 ohms 8.0 / 4.0 ohms
    Qms 5.79 2.45
    Qes 0.45 / 0.42 0.72 / 0.70
    Qts 0.42 / 0.39 0.58 / 0.54
    Mms 259.6 / 256.5 gr 435.6 / 433.6 gr
    Cms 0.10 mm/N 72.4 mm/N
    Sd 480cm^2 810cm^2
    Vas 37.4 L 62.44 L
    Spl 85.7 / 86.1 dB 85.9 / 86.3 dB
    Bl 21.1 / 21.1 N/A 21.1 / 21.1 N/A
    Xmax 23mm 23mm
    Wattage 1250w RMS 1250w RMS
  • Enclosure Recommendations

    12" ICON D4/D2 15" ICON D4/D2
    • Sealed: 0.8 – 1.1 cubes
    • Ported: 1.75 – 2.1 cubes ported after displacement, 29-33hz tuning
    • Sub Outside Diameter 12.500"
    • Cut Inside Diameter 11.150"
    • Mounting Depth 6.750"
    • Motor Diameter w/Boot Included: 8.000"
    • Sealed: 2.0 - 2.5 cubes
    • Ported: 3.25-3.75ft^3 @ 28-33hz w/15.25^2 of port per cube
    • Sub Outside Diameter 15.500"
    • Cut Inside Diameter 14.200"
    • Mounting Depth 8.500"
    • Motor Diameter w/Boot Included: 8.000"
  • Pre-Designed Enclosures

    For full size drawings and a Google SketchUp version of these enclosures please feel free to click the "DOWNLOAD ZIP FILE " link below. This is just another great resource offered by Sound Solutions Audio Inc. for our dedicated SSA customers!

    To view the google sketchup file will require the installation of the software. This is available here: Google SketchUp

    10" ICON D1/D2 12" ICON 15" ICON 18" ICON
    10" OPTIMAL PORTED 1.35 ft^3 
    [ZIP FILE]
    12" OPTIMAL PORTED 2.5 ft^3 
    [ZIP FILE]
    15" OPTIMAL PORTED 4.0 ft^3 
    [ZIP FILE]
    18" OPTIMAL PORTED 7.65 ft^3 
    [ZIP FILE]
    10" OPTIMAL SEALED .9 ft^3 
    [ZIP FILE]
    12" OPTIMAL SEALED 1.35 ft^3 
    [ZIP FILE]
    15" OPTIMAL SEALED 2.75 ft^3 
    [ZIP FILE]
    18" OPTIMAL SEALED 5.25 ft^3 
    [ZIP FILE]
    10" SMALL PORTED 1.1 ft^3 
    [ZIP FILE]
    12" SMALL PORTED 1.9 ft^3 
    [ZIP FILE]
    15" SMALL PORTED 3.0 ft^3 
    [ZIP FILE]
    18" SMALL PORTED 6.35 ft^3 
    [ZIP FILE]
    10" SMALL SEALED .7 ft^3 
    [ZIP FILE]
    12" SMALL SEALED 1.0 ft^3 
    [ZIP FILE]
    15" SMALL SEALED 2.25 ft^3 
    [ZIP FILE]
    18" SMALL SEALED 4.5 ft^3 
    [ZIP FILE]
    10" DUAL PORTED 2.63ft^3
    [ZIP FILE]
    12" DUAL PORTED 4.0ft^3 
    [ZIP FILE]

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