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Bluetooth SPL Meter with #Basscam

The SSA Accuwave Pressure Monitor 2 (APM-2) is a highly accurate, very user friendly, affordable SPL meter that anyone with a Bluetooth connected Android, Apple or Windows 10 device (see requirments below) can use.  Simply start the app on your device, connect to the APM-2 via Bluetooth, and crank up your car stereo.  The APM-2 is the perfect choice for people who are doing testing & tuning, or hosting their own SPL competition, or just want to find out how loud they can go.  The SSA Studio app is free as well as updates are free with No wires or software to install on your laptop.  Just place the APM-2 inside the vehicle and turn it on, connect it via Bluetooth and go to it.  

SPL Measurements: Get realtime score updates twice a second. Measure SPL averages with timer, countdown and class limit.
Dual Mode: Use two APM-2 sensors to challenge your friends.
#basscam: Record video of your setup with realtime score, average, and peak score overlay. Or use two sensors and record SPL races!

  • Features

    • Calibrated within 0.05dB of competing SPL meters
    • Frequency Range: 10Hz - 100Hz
    • ADC Resolution: 24bit
    • Sound Pressure range: 110dB - 174dB
    • Power Suppy 1 x 9V Battery (not included)
    • Score Report Rate: 2Hz
    • Dual Sensor support
    • Bluetooth connectivity
    • Compact design
    • Plug-and-Play
    • SPL Race
    • Advanced Measurement
    • Simple Measurement
    • Made in Romania
  • Requirements

    • Android 4.4 or newer
    • Windows 10 device
    • Apple iOS 8.4 or newer
    • Bluetooth 4.0 support

    Bluetooth Pairing code is: 000000

  • Support

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