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550w RMS Subwoofer

Introducing the all new SSA Demon.  First and foremost, pure accurate and smooth sound quality is a requirement by all SSA subwoofers, which makes the SSA Demon is an outstanding choice for those goals.  The all new SSA Demon takes it to the next level in value, clarity, and build quality.  

What defines a premier level subwoofer?  As with the SSA Dcon before, it was best described as a scaled down Xcon motor, with a large single slug, solid pole, and deeply bumped back plate.  The SSA Demon moves it up a level though a larger coil, larger motor, stiffer Nomex spiders, and larger leads. All of that means the SSA Demon is able to take some serious abuse, while keeping the sound in check.  We were able to bring the power handling up 33% over the Dcon while not hurting the crisp clarity that made the Dcon so successful through the addition of a shorting ring inside the motor of the Demon and increased Xmax through improved spiders and high roll surround.

You're safe knowing the Demon is a great blend of the previous Dcon and Xcon, both in design, performance and appearance.  The SSA Demon thrives in smaller to mid-sized ported and small to mid-sized sealed enclosures, both in home and car audio. Not to mention, the sealed backplate allows for fairly shallow mount installs.  

Step your bass up, while not going into debt or sacrificing sound quality.  Step up to the SSA Demon.

  • Features

    • 2.5" copper coil
    • Aluminum former
    • Aluminum Shorting ring
    • Solid pole, non-vented bumped back plate
    • Large single slug motor
    • Pressed pulp cone
    • Tall roll surround
    • Push terminals
    • Dual Nomex progressive spiders
    • Stitched tinsel leads
    • Large dome dustcap
  • Specifications

    10" DEMON D4/D2 12" DEMON D4/D2
    Fs 43.6hz 41.6hz
    Re 8 ohm / 4 ohm 8 ohm / 4 ohm
    Qms 3.04 3.175
    Qes 1.00 0.62
    Qts 0.75 0.52
    Mms 121.0 g 142.5 g
    Cms 99.25 m 104.7 m
    Sd 31.4 51.0
    Vas 13.91 Ltr 38.78 Ltr
    Spl 83.5 dB 88.4 dB
    Bl 8.53 15.34
    Xmax 21mm 21mm
    Wattage 550wRMS 550wRMS
    Displacement 0.12 ft^3 0.16 ft^3
  • Enclosure Recommendations

      10" DEMON D4/D2 12" DEMON D4/D2
    Sealed .0.65 - 0.85 ft^3 0.85 - 1.1 ft^3
    Ported 0.90 - 1.2 ft^3 @ 28-33 hz 1.6 - 2.1 ft^3 @ 28-33 hz
    Sub Outside Diameter 11.000" 12.500"
    Cut Inside Diameter 9.250" 11.150"
    Mounting depth 5 5/8" 6 1/2"
  • Pre-Designed Enclousres

    For full size drawings and a Google SketchUp version of these enclosures please feel free to click the "DOWNLOAD ZIP FILE " link below. This is just another great resource offered by Sound Solutions Audio Inc. for our dedicated SSA customers!

    To view the google sketchup file will require the installation of the software. This is available here: Google SketchUp

    10" Demon 12"Demon
    10" OPTIMAL PORTED 1.25 ft^3 [ZIP FILE] 12" OPTIMAL PORTED 2.25 ft^3 [ZIP FILE]
    10" OPTIMAL SEALED .9 ft^3 [ZIP FILE] 12" OPTIMAL SEALED 1.2 ft^3 [ZIP FILE]
    10" SMALL PORTED 1.0 ft^3 [ZIP FILE] 12" SMALL PORTED 1.75 ft^3 [ZIP FILE]
    10" SMALL SEALED .75 ft^3 [ZIP FILE] 12" SMALL SEALED .9 ft^3 [ZIP FILE]

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