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Evil Passive Crossovers

SSA Evil 4 ohm, Component Crossovers

Designed specific to our SSA Evil speakers in 4 ohm. Crossovers are sold as a pair for the SSA Evil 1 tweets & SSA Evil 65 mid-bass speakers. Bi-Ampable via jumpers in = single amp & jumpers out. = bi amp.

  • Description

    • 24db electrical slope / 36db acoustic slope on the woofer
    • 18db electrical slope / 24db acoustic slope on the tweeter
    • 2,000Hz crossover point
    • 4th electric / 6th acoustic on the woofer and
    • 3rd electric / 4th acoustic on the tweeter

    When installing, use #6 screws for mounting holes.

    Veteran-built in the USA.
    This was a year long collaborative effort. Huge thanks goes out to Mike E. for initial design and development. Vlad V. for the board design. Julian S. for case design, testing, and assembly.

    Download Product Documentation (PDF)

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