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125w RMS 6.5" Mid-bass

Nearly 2 years in the making, the first mid-bass speaker from SSA is here. Being this is an SSA speaker, elite performance at an affordable price was the ONLY option. Through numerous designs and prototypes, we developed a mid-bass speaker that is deserving of the SSA brand name. As seen by the long list of premium features,(copper coil, carbon fiber cone, shorting ring, Nomex spiders, Aluminum basket and former, solid pole piece, underhung motor) it shows we went the distance to make the SSA Evil6.5 a fantastic sound quality speaker that can take some power and will have strong output when called upon. The SSA Evil6.5 is at home in a well damped car door, or even a home audio tower / bookshelf. When you want top tier mid-bass performance and don't want to spend hundreds, the SSA Evil6.5 is the obvious choice. 

  • Features

    • Sold Individually
    • 125 watts rms
    • Carbon Fiber cone for rigidity, low moving mass and smooth transient response
    • Copper voice coil for warmth and power handling
    • FEA optimized Underhung motor design for excellent sound quality
    • Shorting ring to drastically reduce inductance
    • Extended solid pole piece for increased motor strength
    • Nomex spiders for long lasting performance and cone control
    • Y30 High Energy Ferrite Magnet
    • Large push terminals for ease of connection and larger speaker wire
    • High excursion rubber surround
    • Aluminum cast basket with multiple mounting holes for no frame resonance and great mounting flexibility
    • Aluminum former for heat dissipation
    • Phase plug
    • SSA magnet boot to protect the motor
    • Designed and engineered in the USA to be quite versatile for many applications, great in both car audio and home audio
  • Specifications

    • 4 ohm or 8 ohm single voice coil option
    • Frequency response 45hz - 4500hz
    • Re: 3.3 ohm / 7.2 ohm
    • Fs: 65.49hz
    • Sd: .01474m2
    • BL: 6.494 T
    • Qms: 6.6
    • Qes: 0.51
    • Qts: 0.474
    • SPL: 89.9 db 1W/1m
    • Vas: 11.495L
    • Cms: 372.51
    • Mms: 15.854g
    • Xmax: 6mm one-way
  • Enclosure Recommendations

    • 3.1" total depth
    • 2.85" Mounting depth
    • 5.7" cut out
    • 6.5 lbs. each
    • sealed box: 0.3 cubic foot - f3 = 97.7Hz - Qtc: 0.707
    • ported box: 0.69 cubic foot - f3 = 51.82hz - 2" diameter / 0.9" long port

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