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Smart Voltmeter by SSA®

The smartest voltmeter for car audio out there! You can connect to multiple AVM-X and APM-X devices in the app. Monitor your voltage drop between two points in real time and find bad power connections before you can smell them. Low voltage events are saved in internal memory so they can be viewed in the app. Video logging coming soon!
  • Features

    • Factory calibrated.
    • 30 samples per second, 15FPS+ display rate
    • 0.66” OLED screen with multiple display modes
    • Configurable high brightness warning LED
    • Configurable low voltage alert trigger with pre-trigger buffer
    • Internal storage for low voltage events
    • Up to 7 seconds per log entry
    • In-app log viewer
    • In-app voltage drop detector with multiple AVM devices
    • Notifications when app connected
    • Reverse polarity protection
  • Specifications

    • Operating voltage: 5V-19V
    • Standby current: <7mA
    • Storage: >100 events
    • Operating temperature: -10C - 55C
    • Size - without silicone cover: 75mm x 35mm x 12.5mm (2.95”x1.37”x0.5”)
    • Connectivity: Molex PicoLock 1.5mm pitch, 3-pin
    • Replacement housing: Molex 5040510301
    • Pre-crimped leads: Molex 79758-1004 or 79758-1003

    Download Android App here:

  • Requirements

  • Support

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