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500w RMS 2 Channel Amplifier

Introducing the all new SSA DM150.2 amplifier. An old school approach, with updated components, for the most discerning of ears. If your front stage is lacking warmth and clarity, its time to upgrade. Our first amplifier in our high-end, sound quality, Class- A/B - Demon amplifier line. The SSA DM150.2 is the elite choice for that high end active front stage, premium passive components, and especially a sound quality sub (SSA Demon). We've incorporated direct inputs for those competition installs that use an external DSP and want their amp to be a pure gain block. Stellar looks to match the design and components. Don't let your speakers or your ears down, #levelup to the all new SSA DM150.2 amplifier.
  • Specifications

    • 150 Watts RMS X 2 @ 4 Ohm
    • 500 Watts RMS X 1 @ 4 Ohm
    • Angled Terminals for show quality installations
    • Full Complimentary low distortion Class AB design
    • Tiffany Style RCA connectorsFull Complimentary low distortion Class AB design
    • Butterworth Crossover Filters for premium level performance
    • An extra pair of input connectors for a direct input that will bypass the crossover so the amp can act as a gain block
    • The op amps featured are TI chips w/BB technology high performance audio grade IC's
    • Docking Pads® to reduce vibration & extend the life the amplifier
    • DC, Short Circuit, Thermal & Overload Protection, on board fusing
    • Diagnostic LEDs